Preserving Precious Possessions-Preserving Quilts at Home


February 10, 2020

On February 8th 8 people joined  Sweetwater County Historical Museum Curator Amanda Benson when she conducted a seminar on quilt care and preservation, the first in a new series of seminars planned by the museum: Preserving Our Precious Possessions. Benson spent under an hour discussing major threats to quilts and other textiles, and used examples to showcase the best ways to store items. A powerpoint served to show images of topics including common pests, like silverfish and deermice, and examples of light fading. Participants asked many questions from topics like how many quilts could be laid on a bed safely and how to roll quilts.

Upcoming seminars will cover subjects such as the care of photographs, firearms, and family heirlooms. Each seminar will be appoximately an hour long and have opportunities for participants to ask questions about specific examples or anything covered during the seminar. Announcements will be made as the seminars are scheduled; for additional information, call (307) 872-6435 or contact the museum by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You can keep up to date with all of our great events and some fascinating history on the museum website at , or its Facebook page.