New Sweetwater County history documentary available online

three men sit at a small table with a wall full of memorabilia behind then. Sweetwater County Historical Museum Executive Director Dave Mead sits between Mayor of Superior Dominic Wolf and Frank Prevedel author of 'Images of America: Superior and South Superior.'A black and white image of South Superior's Main Street around 1917. Horse drawn wagons sit in front of a string of store fronts. The closest include the Grand Cafe, Grand Hotel, and Northern Bar.The cover of 'Images of America: Superior and South Superior.' By Frank Prevedel and the Sweetwater County Historical Museum. A large group of miners sits in uniform before the door of a building.

Photo #1 - Superior Mayor Dominic Wolf, Sweetwater County Historical Museum Executive Director Dave Mead, and historian and author Frank Prevedel


Photo #2 - Downtown South Superior (now Superior) about 1917


Photo #3 - Superior and South Superior, a richly illustrated history by Frank Prevedel


(Sweetwater County, Wyo. - June 11, 2022)     A video about a special chapter in Sweetwater County history - indeed, its living history - is now available online, the Sweetwater County Historical Museum announced on Saturday.

Produced by museum staff and volunteers, A History of Superior, Wyoming - An Interview with Frank Prevedel, can be found on the museum’s YouTube channel at

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFWiyaMszRI&t=7s .

Prevedel is the author of Superior and South Superior, one of the “Images of America” series. He was born and raised in Superior and South Superior, graduated the University of Wyoming, and went on to a distinguished career as an educator.

The Horsethief Canyon communities of Superior and South Superior, about 23 road miles northeast of Rock Springs, came into existence in the early 1900s as coal towns. Superior was incorporated as a town in February of 1911, followed by South Superior a month later. As the demand for coal diminished in the mid-20th century, so did Superior. In 1963, the town government voted to officially dissolve its incorporation, and the little town ceased to exist. South Superior, on the other hand, survived, and in 1984, South Superior was officially renamed Superior, and its 300 or so residents are proud of its status as Sweetwater County’s “Living Ghost Town.”

A History of Superior, Wyoming is part of the Smithsonian Institution’s “Museum on Main Street,” project, co-hosted by the Sweetwater County Historical Museum, Wyoming Humanities / ThinkWY, and the Green River Chamber of Commerce. The museum also extended its special thanks to Superior Mayor Dominic Wolf.

Prevedel’s Superior and South Superior is available at the museum’s book store in Green River and online at Amazon.