A young girl stares in fascination at a miniature diorama, her reflection stares back and another younger child can be seen in the background.Our permanent exhibit explores Sweetwater County's story. It spans millions of years, beginning with an ancient lake with prehistoric life forms that later fueled the county's major industries such as coal and trona mining. The history is diverse and chronicles a long pattern of human occupation, beginning with the Shoshone and Ute tribes.

Later, the first Rocky Mountain Rendezvous marked the beginning of regular occupation by white settlers. The Oregon, California, Mormon, Overland, Cherokee, and Pony Express all passed through Sweetwater County. Some of those early newcomers helped spur the development of the county's towns and cities, including its two major population centers, Green River and Rock Springs. Green River was the major railroad town due to the nearness of a water supply, while Rock Springs became the coal mining center of the county.

Want to learn more? The museum’s exhibits offer hands-on learning experiences for children along with a more in-depth look at the county’s history and people. The museum also hosts a variety of temporary and traveling exhibits. Check our news, Calendar of Events, Outreach, and social media pages for updates.

Additionally, the museum has rotating exhibits in several off-site locations (see our Outreach section) and administers the Reliance Tipple, a historic structure used for sorting and loading coal onto railroad cars.



text: Sweetwater County Historical Museum Sweetwater County Quilt Guild 5th Annual Quilted Tabletoppers March 1st through April 30th. A collaborative exhibit between the Sweetwater County Quilt Guild and the Sweetwater County Historical Museum. Exhibit on display at the Sweetwater County Court House 80 West Flaming Gorge Way Green River, WY 82935. Exhibit Open House: March 1 1-2 PM. Background image is a multipattern star in a white diamond in a starry blue square with a thick flower pattern border outlined in red.

 The annual Quilt Exhibit, a partnership between the Sweetwater County Quilt Guild and the Sweewtater County Historical Museum, will be on display at the Sweetwater County Courthouse from March 1 until April 30.