The Sweetwater County Historical Museum Education Kit Program

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To rent an Education Kit, generally about two weeks, please call 307-872-6435 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Sweetwater County Historical Museum offers this Education Kit Program as a free resource for teachers and students across the county. Each Education Kit has a theme and can be tailored to fit your particular classroom needs. Each kit includes a series of activities, images, objects, and a sheet of further references to learn more. Most have related videos on our Youtube Channel as well!

Not a history teacher? No problem we are happy to work with teachers across grade levels and curriculums! Sweetwater County's history touches all walks of life and subjects of study from the science of prehistoric creatures to the importance of music in culture. Contact us and we will see if we can work with you to create the perfect kit for YOUR classroom!

 Our Education Kits are developed to hit appropriate state standards and are meant to offer teachers and students museum resources without requiring museum staff. The kits can be tweaked to specific teacher needs but generally include a number of objects tied to the topic, a teachers guide, activity suggestions tied to state standards, and worksheets. Most of the kits also have related videos on our YouTube channel. Examples of the content of our education kits can be found on our website, where the materials from the Diversity Education Kit, are posted.

We have education kits meant for Elementary, Middle, and High School. And are always working on more. Teachers should feel encouraged to tell us what other topics they'd like to see. We are fairly flexible with scheduling but most teachers keep our kits for about 2 weeks. We are happy to figure out the best way to pick up and drop off kits for teachers, including bringing the kits to the appropriate school.

A water bottle, paper flowers, candles, a decorated skull, and other items representing common Day of the Dead offerings await the next classroom to use the Day of the Dead Education Kit.

Some of the contents of the Day of the Dead Education Kit. 

Elementary School Topics

  • Chinese Lunar New Year
    • Includes a popular paper craft activity.
  • Day of the Dead
    • Designed to tie in especially with our annual Day of the Dead Ofrenda exhibit.
  • Diversity
    • Currently focuses mostly on the 56 nationalities of Rock Springs.
  • Historic toys and games
    • Includes yo-yos, jacks, and other historic toys 
  • STAY TUNED FOR MORE. Let us know if there's a topic you'd like to see.

Middle School Topics

  • Westward Expansion
    • A related video is on our YouTube channel. 

High School Topics

  • Evolution
    • Focuses on cladograms and homologouos structures

Extras and Supplementals

These links are meant to supplement the Education Kit Program. If you have checked out a Kit to use in your classroom, you can find resources here to help you get the most out of it.

 Western Expansion Further Resources: This document from our newest kit (stay tuned as we finish it!) includes a lsit of all sorts of great resources to learn more about the Frontier of the 19th century!

Example Education Kit

If you're missing a page out of the Teachers Guide, you can download .pdf files of the lesson plans and activities from it here:

Teachers' Intro

Intro Map Lesson     Eurasia Map for Smartboards

Mystery Dish Lesson

Art & Literature Lesson

Chinese New Year Math Lesson

Goods & Services Businesses Lesson


Music from Around the World

These .mp3 files are digitized selections from vinyl records in the Sweetwater County Museum collection, so some of the music is a little scratchy. They represent music styles from around the world, most dating to the 1930s-1950s. What do the different music styles tell you about the cultures that made them? 

(Note: These recordings are meant to be used for educational purposed only and may be subject to copyright.)

Japanese Music

Slovenian Music

Chinese Music

Serbian-Croatian Music (Polka)


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