Past Events

Junior Kindergartners Visit Museum

Left: Ms. Brownlee's class of junior kindgergartners from Truman Elementary stand in front of the John Wesley Powell statue with Public Engagement Coordinator Aidan Brady. Right: junior kindergartners sit on a buffalo robe in the museum gallery while Public Engagement Coordinator Aidan Brady demonstrates on local animals with pelts and skulls. The text on the bottom reads: 'The museum received some fun visitors today; a Kindergarten class from Truman Elementary School in Green River. The class was treated to a special gallery tour by Public Engagement Coordinator Aidan Brady and got to listen to one of his talks sitting on a real buffalo robe!

Ms. Brownlee's class of Junior Kindergartners from Truman Elementary visited the museum and got a special tour with Public Engagement Coordinator Aidan Brady. The students were there especially to see the annual Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Ofrenda exhibit which tied into their current unit.

Students visit county museum

Aidan Brady and teacher Annie Adkins show students a rotary phone on a table.

(Sweetwater County, Wyo. - August 4, 2021)     Groups of elementary students large and small were recent visitors to the Sweetwater County Historical Museum in Green River.

Last week Public Engagement Coordinator Aidan Brady conducted special museum tours and classroom exercises for Monroe Elementary School students participating in the “English Language Learners Summer School” program for students Kindergarten through Grade 5 and Monroe Kindergartners in the “Kindergarten, Here I Come” project. 

On Tuesday the museum hosted a special tour for nearly 50 Sublette County children, Grades 1 through 5, who belong to the Pinedale Aquatic Center’s “Little Wranglers” program. 

The museum’s young visitors learned about many aspects of Sweetwater County history, including the prehistoric era, Native Americans, the mountain men, coal and trona mining, the Chinese in Rock Springs, agriculture, sheep herding and cattle ranching, frontier emigrants, the Pony Express, the Lincoln Highway, and the railroad.

Educators, schools, and parents are encouraged to contact the museum about its special outreach programs and tours. Museum hours 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Tuesday through Saturday. There is no charge for admission. Museum staff can be reached by telephone at (307) 872-6435 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

New “Make and Take” project at the Sweetwater County Historical Museum


(Sweetwater County, Wyo. - April 3, 2021)     The Sweetwater County Historical Museum’s latest “Make and Take” project is a children’s do-it-yourself micro-quilt kit.

“Crazy for Crazy Quilts,” the museum’s fourth annual quilt exhibit in partnership with the  Sweetwater County Quilt Guild, opened on March 2nd. Many who came to see this year’s displays asked about a quilting project for kids, so Public Engagement Coordinator Aidan Brady created one.

The take-home micro-quilt kits are made of paper and foam, require no sewing, and come complete with instructions. To pick up one or more of these free kits - and check out “Crazy for Crazy Quilts” -  stop by the museum, located at 3 E. Flaming Gorge Way in Green River. Museum hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and there is no charge for admission.

County Museum offering take-home craft kits for kids to celebrate Chinese New Year


(Sweetwater County, Wyo. - February 10, 2021)     February 12 marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year and, as part of its ongoing outreach program, the Sweetwater County Historical Museum in Green River is marking the occasion with Chinese-themed paper craft projects for children to take home and build themselves.

Staff members at the museum have created paper kits for Chinese lanterns and special envelopes called “red packets,” both which are adorned with Chinese characters and images of an ox, as 2021 is the Year of the Ox, according to the Chinese Zodiac.

Paper lanterns have been a tradition in China for 2,000 years, particularly during festivals. One traditional story is that of a girl who warned the emperor that an evil monster was about to destroy the city. To confuse the monster, the people made many paper lanterns to make it appear that the city was already on fire. Today paper lanterns of many shapes are commonly used as part of the celebration of Chinese New Year.

Red packets are another tradition of the Chinese New Year. The packets contained money or candy and were meant as gifts for children to help bring good luck; red being a lucky color in Chinese culture.

There is no charge for the kits. The museum is located at 3 Flaming Gorge Way in Green River; winter hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and admission is free. For any questions about the kits, call (307) 872-6435 or email the museum at