Students attend History Fair 2022

Dennis Freeman stands in a recretation Hudson Bay Coat in front of a wooden wall in Centennial Park with a gun and other period items.Landry Roskelley stands in tradtiional regalia from the 19th century inside his tipi with other period recreation items.Stan Blake stands at his railroad themed station in the park in his railroad outfit including overalls.Board Member Richelle Rawlings-Carroll stands before a wooden calf cutout showing students how to brand a cow with a stamp.Mike Masterson stands at his mining themed station in the park serving as the goal in his coal scuttle relay race, students race with coal scuttles back to their friends waiting in line for their turn.

Photo #1 - Dennis Freeman of Green River, here wearing a period-accurate Hudson’s Bay coat, spoke about mountain man life, gear, weapons, and clothing (Bud Allen photo).


Photo #2 - Landry Roskelley, an authority on Plains Indian history and culture, does his presentations inside his own tipi, which he brings to every History Fair event


Photo #3 - Stan Blake, himself a retired career railroader, supervising the simulated railroad spike-driving activity


Photo #4 - Richelle Rawlings-Carroll handling the calf-branding activity


Photo #5 - Mike Masterson’s coal and trona mining presentation included coal scuttle races


(Sweetwater County, Wyo. - May 12, 2022)     Dave Mead, Executive Director of the Sweetwater County Historical Museum in Green River, expressed his special thanks to the volunteers and others who made possible this year’s four-day Third Grade History Fair, May 10 through May 13.

Over 700 students from all over the county took part this year. Each received a guided tour of the museum, reviewed special exhibits and demonstrations about ranching, mining, mountain men, Native Americans, and the railroad at Centennial Park, and participated in hands-on activities grounded in frontier history such as gold panning, making their own butter, simulated calf branding, and simulated railroad spike-driving.

Among the volunteers who made this year’s event possible:

  • Bud Allen
  • Stan Blake
  • Diane Butler
  • Sarah Crow
  • Dennis Freeman
  • Mike Masterson
  • Richelle Rawlings-Carroll
  • Landry Roskelley
  • Emilio Sanchez
  • Madeline Trujillo-Hamel
  • Carrie Tuttle


Mead also expressed his appreciation to Sweetwater County School Districts #1 and #2, which provided bus transportation for the students; Brad Raney, Debbie Hansen, and Chuck Bryan of  Green River Parks & Recreation, for making possible the use of Centennial Park; Community Service Officer Ashton Robinson of the Green River Police Department, Assistant Chief Larry Erdmann of the Green River Fire Department; Jarod Ball, Adam Rodabaugh, Marshall Burt, and Anna Rywelski of the Union Pacific Railroad; the Tynsky Law Office, and special thanks to Bill Taliaferro for the use of his sheep camp.