Senior Memory Books

Attention high school seniors! Graduation is a big event, congratulations. We know that the class of 2020 is experiencing a very different senior year than you expected, and you won’t be able to celebrate your graduation with your friends like you hoped. The Sweetwater County Historical Museum wants to help preserve all the great memories you’ve made together in a new way.  

For many years the students of Sweetwater County produced memory books with newspaper clippings, drawings, play bills, pictures, poems, and many other things that symbolized their high school experience. The Green River High class of 1932 even wrote a “will” where each senior left a special something to the underclassmen.  We want to help you preserve your shared memories too!

The Museum houses many of these books in its collections and we’d like to continue the tradition with a 21st century twist: a digital memory book! You could do a screenshot, a selfie, or digital artwork! Whatever you want, just make sure it’s Safe For Work (and school 😉)! We encourage you be to creative, we know you probably have better ideas than just those listed here!

  • You could even work with other students and create a full digital book page (see some of the examples below)
  • You can submit them to the Museum directly (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), or use the hashtag #sweetwaterWYhighscoolmemories don’t forget to include your name (whatever one you want remembered!) and school. The more students that participate the more complete the memory.

The Sweetwater County Historical Museum will do our best to preserve these digital formats, and make sure they can all be found under the hashtag and online as Facebook albums for each class.

You can see some examples in this document and this document