Wyoming and Sweetwater County History Outreach

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A digital outreach program of the Sweetwater County Historical Museum

Not all outreach involves face to face interaction. Watch this page for some great learning opportunities provided by the Sweetwater County Historical Museum. Whether you're a teacher looking to supplement your curriculum or a parent looking for something to help your kids learn, we have a variety of offerings. Don't forget to explore our "News & History" section and Facebook page for some great history and images. If you are looking more for research check our "Research" section. You can also check out our YouTube channel as we continue to add great historical content including videos of presentations from previous exhibits and more. Don't forget we also have our more traditional outreach offerings as well, you can find those under the "Learn" tab.


These PDF lesson plans each have an activity and a worksheet, along with some background information. They are all designed to use the PDF itself with minor items that can be found in most homes or classrooms.:

  • Twisty Cows:  A crafting activity involving two spinning blocks of catte breeds, while designing your own catttle brand.
  • Emigrant Trails Activity: A crafting activity involving a cut-and-paste covered wagon. This actiivty packet covers the emigrant trails in the county including the Oregon, Mormon, and California trails.
  • Chinese New Year Math: This activity uses math worksheets to help explore the Chinese New Year celebration in Rock Springs in the 1800s. It comes from our Traveling Trunk Program.

More lesson plans coming soon!

 You can see a variety of different videos on historical subjects, old exhibits on more on our YouTube channel!


Here are some great VIDEOS from some other great institutions:


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Museums you can explore from your couch:

Pergamon Museum. Berlin

The British Museum's: Museum of the World interactive website

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