Traveling Trunk

Classroom Outreach Program

trunk one

The Sweetwater County Museum is pleased to offer an exciting new educational opportunity for area classrooms. Our Discovering Diversity traveling trunk is a hands-on learning program that teachers helps teachers bring history alive in their classrooms. Tessa Moening, our summer intern of 2013, did a wonderful job putting this trunk together and now we want to share it with you! This free service is available to you thanks to the generous support of the Sweetwater County Historical Society and the Colorado Wyoming Association of Museums (CWAM).

Call us today to reserve it for your classroom. 307-872-6435

(Note: the trunk is so full of fun stuff, it's a little heavy. You may want to bring two people to pick it up.)


The trunk is full of:

Lesson Plans    Activities    Touchable Artifacts

All designed to get kids excited about history and connected to the world around them. All lessons feature foods, literature, art, businesses and other cultural components that were brought to Rock Springs from around the world. 

The trunk is all about the history of cultural diversity in the Rock Springs area. It was designed to complement the 3rd grade curriculum and can be integrated seemlessly into your current lesson plans. You may reserve the trunk for up to 2 weeks of classroom use. 


trunk twoThe trunk addresses several of the 3rd grade curriculum standards through fun, hands-one activities and lessons that also incorporate math, art, historic photographs, and literature.

II. Cultures/Cultural Diversity and

III. Production/Distribution/Consumption

The trunk features historical background on coal mining in Rock Springs and all of the lessons feature food, literature, arts, businesses, and other cultural components that were brought to Rock Springs from around the world. 

IV. Time/Continuity/Change

The trunk's lesson plans focus on history but also encourage students to compare historical people, events, places, and t hings to the present.

V. People/Places/Environment

Activities include identifying several countries on a map where people immigraged from to work in the Rock Springs coal mines.