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March 19, 2020

On Thursday, the Sweetwater County Historical Museum in Green River launched a new program called “Wyoming and Sweetwater County History Outreach” (or WSCHO for short.)

In accordance with the Sweetwater County Board of Commissioners’ March 17th resolution, the Museum is temporarily closed to the public, but the staff is continuing to handle research requests via telephone and email, prepare and maintain exhibits, and foster its ongoing outreach programs and strategies.

“We’ve also just created a new digital / online outreach program we’re calling ‘Wyoming and Sweetwater County History Outreach,’” explained Brie Blasi, the County Museum’s Director. “With so many Sweetwater County residents staying home and all the schools in the county closed, we wanted a way to provide informative, educational, and entertaining historical material county-wide via the Internet.”

Through media releases, its Facebook page, and its website, the County Museum will provide links to online videos, websites, articles, and other resources related to Wyoming and Sweetwater County. The Museum is also preparing its own video and slideshow presentations that will appear on its current Facebook page and soon-to-be-available YouTube channel.

“For the time being, people can’t come to the Museum, so we’re doing whatever we can to bring the Museum to them,” Blasi said.

Museum staff can be reached via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at (307) 872-6435. The new program can be found under the "Learn" tab under "Digital Outreach" and its Facebook page is at Facebook@SWCHM.

The new YouTube channel can be found at www.youtube.com/channel/UCASN18SFE4uVzY5Ny7T6YSA

WSCHO’s first three digital outreach links on YouTube are:

The Wyoming PBS feature “Prohibition in Wyoming” at

A University of Wyoming Extension Program video about Sweetwater County at

“Wyoming's Atlantic Rim Historic Trails” about the Cherokee Trail and the Overland Trail at

Sweetwater Snapshots-Plaza Hotel


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Sweetwater Snapshots-Van Andel House

Sweetwater Snapshot Van Andel House February 20 2020 web

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Joe Overy, James Duncan and Peter Robertson at the Reliance mine entrance, 1913. Horses were still used at the time to pull the coal carts from the mine. Later they would be replaced by a trolley-like system of coal cars. Sweetwater County Historical Museum photo.

January 4, 2020

WyoHistory.org just published a new online article by staff member Dick Blust about Reliance, the last of the Sweetwater County coal camps.

From “Reliance - Last of the Sweetwater County Coal Camps”

“Consequently, the Union Pacific began constructing spur lines north from the main line to new or newly acquired mine sites. In 1906, a spur up Horsethief Canyon east of Rock Springs to the mines at Superior was completed, and in 1907, work began on a line to a site called Gunn, three miles north of the tracks on the western edge of the North Baxter Basin: The era of the Sweetwater County coal camps had begun.

“On March 20, 1910, miners began digging at a site seven miles north of Rock Springs. It was designated the Number One Mine, followed soon by numbers three and four, and the coal camp that sprang up near the mines was christened Reliance. Other camps followed over the years along the immense arc of the Rock Springs Coal Field, including Winton, Dines, Lionkol, East Plane and Stansbury.”

The complete article can be found at the WyoHistory website here.

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