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Travel the Trona Trail


The Trona Trail Historic Mine Byway is the newest addition to the Historic Mine Trail and Byway Program, established by the Wyoming State Legislature in 2005 and managed by the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office. They partnered with the Sweetwater County Historical Society and us, the Sweetwater County Museum, to develop this byway celebrating the impact of the trona industry on Wyoming.

The Trona Trail is a driving tour. It has two access points and may be traveled in either direction. The eastbound access point is just east of Little America. Exit I-80 at Little America and take WYO 374 toward Green River. The westbound access point is south of Green River on WYO 530. There are several places to stop along the route with wayside signage. You can read more about trona, take photos, or examine the landscape and trona features visible from the route.

But that’s not all! TravelStorysGPS developed a FREE mobile app for the Trona Trail. With vocals provided by local radio personality Al Harris, the story of Trona comes to life through your mobile phone as you travel the Trona Trail.

You can also pick up a brochure with maps and more information on the Trona Trail at the museum or at the Green River and Rock Springs Chambers of Commerce.

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